Displays In Motion began with a simple quest to restore trust in the automotive industry.

The vast majority of vehicle owners dread having to take their automobile in for repairs. Much of this anguish stems from a lack of understanding. Because the customer may not speak the language of a mechanic, they are left with no choice but to accept what the mechanic says as the truth. Displays In Motion has a clear understanding of this dilemma and has created a way to bridge that gap between mechanic and customer, ensuring understanding and instilling confidence.

Owner, Ramon Elder

Ramon began work in the automotive industry over 30 years ago. He quickly noticed that one of the most frustrating components of the job was not the actual work, but the inability to communicate the need for repairs to customers without having them feeling like he was trying to up-sale them.

His first inspiration for an educational display was founded on the common problem of timing belt repairs. After successfully constructing a timing belt display complete with all of its components, Ramon began to focus on other common problems that would be easier to explain with a display. Soon, he had created displays for brakes, spark plugs and cabin air filters.

In developing automotive displays, Ramon found customers now had the ability to visualize how all the components function without having to climb under the hood with their mechanic. This provided service technicians with a simple way to communicate with customers and a platform for parts manufactures to demonstrate their products. It was was a win-win for everyone.

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