Spark Plug DisplaysThe bulk of hardship in the automotive industry is not derived from the actual repair work, but from customer complaints and misunderstanding. It is tough to find any repair shop that has a 100 percent positive rating. Automotive work and equipment can be costly and many customers are likely to walk out the door upset regardless of the quality of labor and parts they received.

Visual Tool for Better Communication

Displays In Motions works by allowing you to provide your customers with a hands-on visualization tool demonstrating what you once could only convey in words. Seeing how the pieces fit together leads to a better comprehension of their purpose, importance and the effort they may take to repair.

Increased Revenue and Customer Satisfaction

Our educational displays cut down on misunderstandings about what it really takes to keep a customer’s vehicle on the road. This also leads to greater sales revenue and higher customer satisfaction because when they walk out the door, they are more confident that they have made the right choice in having you take care of their automotive needs using the repair strategy and parts recommended.

Quality Work

When a customer understands the purpose for what you are requesting to do, they are more willing to spend the money to do what is best for the vehicle. This allows you to provide a higher quality of care for your customer’s vehicles and the option to use higher quality parts to keep them on the road longer. This quality of work equates with a happier customer, and in turn better reviews and increased recommendations for your services or parts.

Retention and Loyalty

Walking out the door feeling confident that they have allowed you to provide the best possible service for the best value is what every business wants for their customer. Using a Displays In Motion model to demonstrate your part or service takes away any misunderstanding that could leave a customer with doubt. This educated sense of confidence will keep customers returning to you inspiring retention and loyalty.